School Improvement Plan

Hoover School continues to focus work on improving academic and instructional practices to support all students who are on, below, or above grade level. One way in which we hope to help our students achieve success is by implementing academic and behavioral tiered system of support (MTSS).   Last year, considerable work began to identify students who require additional, target support and what type of tiered, academic resources.  We anticipate that the addition of an Academic Interventionist who works specifically with students who struggle will have a positive impact and be evident in the data.  In addition to working on academics, we are also beginning a behavioral system aimed at supporting a positive school climate and culture.  We have identified the “Leader in Me” and “Seven Habits of Happy Kids” as programs that have outcomes that match what we want for Hoover.  In order to support our efforts, we have  formed a PBS Team (consisting of a variety of teachers), staff is involved in a book study, and there are monthly meetings offered for  parents to collaborate and update on our progress.

Hoover School continues to be supported by a strong base of community parent volunteers.  Our PTO is a creative, invested group of adults who hosted a social and golf tournament which raised the largest amount of money any one fundraising effort ever has in our school’s history. PTO has already organized two family events that have been very well attended.  Parents continue to staff our library, care for our Hoover School Garden and are responsible for running two after school clubs – Drama and Lego club.  A third after school club started this year under the direction of our teaching staff. 100 Mile Club has a goal of having students log 100 miles in a year.  The commitment of our staff and parent volunteers plays directly into our school’s success and adds to the uniqueness of our school community.

Download the Herbert Clark Hoover Elementary School Improvement Plan 2017-2019

Hoover AIP 2017-2019