Early Release Enrichment Programs

We are very excited to offer special enrichment programming on the eight Early Release Days throughout the school year.  The Early Release Day Enrichment programs are a separate program from the Education Stations after school programming. However, we do coordinate the two programs so children can attend the Early Release Day program and move onto the after school program. Education Stations will not run programming on Early Release days until the normal starting time of 2:20 pm.

 Early Release Enrichment Programs are operated by each school and any proceeds from the programs will go directly back to the school’s revolving account to pay for additional school and student needs that arise during the year, i.e. recess equipment, technology tools, etc.. The programs will be staffed by Education Stations personnel who oversee the check-in, supervise during the enrichment show/program, and coordinate dismissal.

In order to participate, students must preregister 5 days in advance. To be sure we have appropriate levels of supervision, no drop-ins are permitted. Please note, we do not provide refunds however if a student is unable to attend a particular program we will credit another one in the same school year.