100 Mile Club

The 100 mile club is an after school club open to all students.  This club, started and managed by Hoover teacher Mrs. Beaudet, gives students the opportunity to walk/run with a goal of 100 miles over the course of the school year.  100 Mile club takes place Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:30 – 3:00 on the blacktop.  A parent/guardian must be present with the student.

100 Mile Club’s Mission is to engage and empower kids and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate?  A sign will be posted on the front door saying that 100 mile club will be indoors.  Students and their grownups will meet in the lobby at 2:30.  Students will complete their mile by walking 10 laps within the building.  Students will be using a Level 1 voice, must walk, and are limited to one mile on indoor days.

Can miles from home be counted?  Students are allowed 1 extra credit mile per week.  Parents must submit a form indicating when the mile was completed.  Forms can be found online.

Can extra laps be rolled over to the next day?  No.  Students must begin with the end in mind.  Students have 30 minutes to complete groups of ten popsicle sticks.   No partial miles are counted, and students start at 0 again the next day.

Is it too late to sign up?  Of course not! Grab an extra registration form from the office and sign up today.  Only official registrants will be able to receive awards, and the club is totally free!

Who do I contact with further questions?  Please email 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Beaudet, at jbeaudet@melroseschools.com .

If your child would like to participate please fill out and return the form below.  Attached is also a form to use for the extra mile(s) done outside of school.